The Demon's Brain
Mirrored Garden
The New Sun
What the Sun Has Seen
Ask the Siren
The Bearer of Bad News
The Leisure Time of a Firearm
Talking Mountain
Watery Rhymes
I am the Mouth
Future Days
How the Work is Done
The Garden
Starry Sky
The Happiest Thought (print)
Bird with Flower
Horse Head Mirrored
The New Sun
The New Sun
I See Your Mouth
Your Intestines
Ayn (LP)
My Little Planet
I Am The Mouth
In Search of the Talking Mountain
Glass Hand
The Demon's Brain
Low Form
Preis der Nationalgalerie
Sensitization to Colour
Glass of Petrol
Suspended Animation (group show)
The Body of Words
I am the Mouth
Pseudoword Hazards
Intervention: Lisa Oppenheim/Agnieszka Polska
Based in Berlin