The Demon's Brain

The Demon's Brain, 2018

Exhibition view at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Low Form

Low Form, 2018

Exhibition view at MAXXI, Rome, IT

Preis der Nationalgalerie

Preis der Nationalgalerie, 2017

Exhibition view at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Sensitization to Colour

Sensitization to Colour, 2017

Exhibition view La Biennale di Venezia – 57th International Art Exhibition VIVA ARTE VIVA

Glass of Petrol

Glass of Petrol, 2016

Exhibition view The 11th Guangju Biennale – The Eighth Climate (What Does Art Do?)

Suspended Animation (group show)

Suspended Animation (group show), 2016

Exhibition View Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC

The Body of Words

The Body of Words, 2015

Exhibition view at ŻAK | BRANICKA

I am the Mouth

I am the Mouth, 2014

Exhibition view Nottingham Contemporary. Photo by: Andy Keate.

Polska’s work is influenced by her research in historical archives. She sees an archive as a living organism that is “alive and subject to incessant change.” This means that history itself is constantly misremembered. It is imperfectly recorded, or reinterpreted after political change. Her hallucinatory videos fill in the gaps, accidental or deliberate, in Eastern European art history. I am the Mouth is Agnieszka Polska’s first major solo exhibition in the UK.

Pseudoword Hazards

Pseudoword Hazards, 2013

Exhibition view Salzburger Kunsterverein

The young Polish artist, Agnieszka Polska, is presenting a series of videos and photographs created in recent years in a large-scale installation in the Salzburger Kunstverein. Polska’s materials are illustrations from old newspapers, magazines, and books that she animates and puts together into dreamlike, surreal new videos.

Intervention: Lisa Oppenheim/Agnieszka Polska

Intervention: Lisa Oppenheim/Agnieszka Polska, 2012

Exhibition view Belvedere Museum Vienna, AT

Based in Berlin

Based in Berlin, 2011

Exhibition view KW Institute for Contemporary Art – Kunst-Werke BerlinFot. by Amin Akhtar