The Demon's Brain

The Demon's Brain, 2018

7:24 min loop

4 channel Hd video

Mirrored Garden

Mirrored Garden, 2018

6:42 min

HD video

The New Sun

The New Sun, 2017

12:19 min

HD video

What the Sun Has Seen

What the Sun Has Seen, 2017

7:16 min

HD video

Ask the Siren

Ask the Siren, 2017

10:25 min

HD video

The Bearer of Bad News

The Bearer of Bad News, 2015

variable dimensions

3 synchronized HD projectors mounted on ceiling, casting image on the floor

The Leisure Time of a Firearm

The Leisure Time of a Firearm, 2015

20 min loop

HD video

Talking Mountain

Talking Mountain, 2015

8:40 min

HD video

Watery Rhymes

Watery Rhymes, 2014

4:05 min



Guns, 2014

5:47 min


I am the Mouth

I am the Mouth, 2014

5:45 min


Future Days

Future Days, 2013

29:00 min


How the Work is Done

How the Work is Done, 2011

6:26 min

Animated video

The Garden

The Garden, 2011

11:08 min

Animated Video