Diogo Pimentão
Starting from the surface of paper to three-dimensional pieces, performances and videos, the work of Diogo Pimentão is a life-long enquiry into the relationship between drawings and the processes involved in drawing. Graphite, either in its solid or dust form, is the material’s performative component central to his work. At the boundary of sculpture and image, his drawings lead to abstract and mysterious series of imprints, marks, lines and pencil strokes. Paper is often crumpled, folded and unfolded or cut up to create additional surfaces. Furthermore, raw graphite is used to create objects utilized both as an extension of surface and as new drawing tools. Through his unrestricted practice, he widens the horizons of drawing by creating subtle sculptures that look like drawings, and solid drawings that look like sculptures.
He was born in 1973 in Lisbon, Portugal. Lives and works in London, UK.