Portrait of the Favorite Daughter
Portrait of Stephan
Astral Image of my mother Irena’s foot
“Illuminated Body”
Exposure of the Fluidized Power by friend from the military
Imaginary Stomach Ulcers created by means of thought appeasement
Image from the astral trip to Odessa received during teleportation
Jozef Robakowski’s Mental Image
A friend from an Astral Trip, portrait found in trance-space
Reconstructed from Imagination Chess Game FISCHER/SPASSKI
Image from the Astral Trip received during teleportation
In Bath
Image from Astral Projection fixed during the conversation  with Hans Memling
Image I, “Escalating Imagination Astral Trip”
Image II, “Astral Figure of Daydream”
Leak of the fluidal power (Feb. 20, 1973)
Leak of the fluidal power (Feb. 20, 1973)