To Vomit One`s Way Through Life – Mail Art

To Vomit One`s Way Through Life – Mail Art, 1979, Edition of 250

9 x 13 cm, photogram

For this Mail art project, the invited artists were to address their art pieces to people of their choice, but first they were expected to send them to the Liverpool Academy of Arts, where the pieces were collectively exhibited in June 1979. After the exhibition, they were sent to each addressee. KwieKulik made a postcard with a Polish text; ‘Nie chodzi o to, by życie przerzygać, ale by je przeżywać’ [\'The point is not to vomit one’s way through life, but to experience it\'; the phrase plays on the untranslateable assonance between the Polish verbs ‘to vomit’ and ‘to experience’]. They produced the postcards using a photographic method, which doesn\'t involve negatives; photograms.