Szymon Kobylarz
Born 1981 in Świętochłowice, Poland. Lives and works in Katowice, Poland.
Szymon Kobylarz creates pictures, sculptures, and installations. He is less interested in ordinary reality than in the failures of imitation—of Ancient Greek mimesis. His pictures practice painting that strives to be photography or ordinary cracks in the ceiling. Both come to him with such ease that he pushes the medium to perfection and absurdity at the same time. Where other artists train their hand, Kobylarz plays with the senses and (common) sense. He paints what is, while giving the impression of fiction, or of something that has never existed, or is deceptively real. His favorite activity is isolating the paranoia of science; the borderlands where rationality turns into mania, even insanity.
He compromised the blind pragmatism of science back in his graduation project, designing a self-service euthanasia clinic (a 1:1.5 scale model of the institution, 2007). He also brought the principles of Cold War defense to life in an absurd fashion by building weapons of everyday objects (Civil Defense, 2010).
He is fascinated by such dual personalities as Charles Bukowski (Henry Chinaski) and Kurt Vonnegut (Kilgore Trout), who created their own alter egos in their novels, or the complex personality of Frederick the Great. His large-format watercolor series (2012) documents non-existing but hypothetical exhibitions. It is also a demonstrative return to the humble and self-sufficient medium of painting, created in the quiet of the workshop.