Dodecahedron Tree

Dodecahedron Tree, 2016

233 x 83 x 83 cm

Exhibition view of 3 sculptures at Gherdeina Biennale 2016

Fibonacci Chaos

Fibonacci Chaos, 2015

Exhibition View at ŻAK | BRANICKA

The Admirable Number Pi  (group show)

The Admirable Number Pi (group show), 2015

Exhibition View at ŻAK | BRANICKA

Exhibition view Viennafair

Exhibition view Viennafair, 2014

Winner of the International Gallery Prize


Diamat, 2014

Exhibition view Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej BWA Sokol

Die kleine Improvisation - Polnische Kunst heute

Die kleine Improvisation - Polnische Kunst heute, 2010

Exhibition view Stadtgalerie Kiel

Civil Defense

Civil Defense, 2009

Exhibition view ŻAK | BRANICKA.With “Civil Defense” Kobylarz asks what happens to science if it takes a wrong turn? The works originated from his school day experiences of his “Civil Defense” course that taught Polish children First Aid measures and the basic knowledge of the building and handling of weapons in light of the Cold War.


ECHELON 70, 2009

Exhibition view Galeria Kordegarda, Warsaw.Szymon Kobylarz refers to the controversial, powerful system of electronic data transmission control that is subjecting contemporary life toever-greater control and scrutiny. The artist particularly focuses on how inhabitants of cities feel observed by the networks of urban camerassupposedly intended to ensure their safety. The consciousness of being controlled gives birth to a fear of the excessive limitation of freedom. Onthe one side, we have an intrinsic desire to feel safe and protected and on the other, we start to feel a loss of control over our own lives.


ECHELON70, 2009

Exhibition view Galeria Kordegarda, Warsaw