The Splendour of Myself V (Mother, Daughter, Partner)
All the Missiles Are One Missile
The Human Motif I (photo-carpet )
Man Bomb
A Porter from Cappadocia (Kapadotia)
Monstrance I
Black Square and Mandorla
All Things Converge in Time and Space; To Disperse, To Converge, To Disperse, and So On(III)
March, March, March
Self-portrait with a Flag (from the series: Mandalas)
Thunderbolt (from the series: Mandalas)
Garden (Libera and Flowers) 01
Garden (Libera and Flowers) 06
Garden (Libera and Flowers) 07
Deseń 10 (chain)
Deseń 11 (wings)